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Getting married in NC


Where can I get a marriage license in North Carolina?

Marriage licenses are obtained from the Register of Deeds office in any North Carolina county. You do not have to get your license from the county that you will be married in--but you do have to return the signed license to the same office that you got it from!

How much does a wedding license cost?

The current cost of a North Carolina marriage license is $60. Most counties only accept cash--so check before you go!

Can you provide more details about obtaining a marriage license in North Carolina?

Here are links to the Register of Deeds in the counties surrounding the Triangle:

Does a marriage license expire?

North Carolina marriage licenses can be used immediately upon issuance and are good for 60 days. Once signed at the ceremony, the original license must be returned to the Register of Deeds office where it was issued.

Who can obtain a marriage license?

NC state law says that each couple must purchase their marriage license themselves and any local NC Register of Deeds office. Your minister or officiant cannot purchase or provide the license for you!

What is required to be legally married in North Carolina?

To be legally married in North Carolina couples must:

  1. Meet state age requirements (and have proof-of-age documents)
  2. Have required government-issued photo ID and proof of Social Security Number (needed to obtain license)
  3. Purchase a marriage license
  4. Have a ceremony performed by an ordained minister or state magistrate
  5. Return the original license, signed by the officiant and the couple, to the Register of Deeds office that it was purchased from within 10 days of the wedding